Pallikkoodam Teachers Oath

Pallikkoodam Teachers Oath:

The C’s, The R’s and The E’s are my key letters, building skill sets – my quest

My space is this environment – flexible and adaptive.
Where I aim to challenge children – hands on and minds on .
Making their learning relevant and engaging.

“To thrive with purpose” is my goal
My passion, to be the change;
My Priority lies in inspiring children through all my plan and work.
Empower, Ignite and Empathize are my verbs;

Positivity and perseverance are my virtues.
The only ego I can think of is the self esteem of my Learners.

I respect humility and reckon to let go-
I recognize individual needs and appreciate the smallest deeds With children, or with peers – Collaboration is what I seek.

And so the journey goes on,
Although a mentor, I remain a lifelong learner.

Spearheading education the Pallikkoodam way!

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